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Writing Samples & Projects

All Works Created by Ryan Barbin 
Creative Arts Specialist at IYAM Entertainment Studios



"Dem Bayou Boyz" by Ryan Barbin

"Dem Bayou Boyz" is a literary fiction novel written by Ryan Barbin. The story, based loosely on actual events from Mr. Barbin's childhood experiences, growing up in a small Louisiana town, along with his best friend, Casey Koolrie. "Dem Bayou Boyz" reads like a modern version of "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", with it's southern-slang dialect, culture, characters and wild youth antics and growing pains. The story is chocked full of Cajun culture and pop-culture references, humor, sadness, and pure imaginative originality that keeps the reader hanging on until the very end.

This is a book for all readers of any age.  It caters towards younger readers, by following the progressive growth of the characters within it's pages. As they mature, the chapter lengths and vocabulary mirror their development, allowing readers to connect and become part of the story themselves, growing up alongside the main characters in their tiny southern town.

Content & Articles

step_closer.width edit.jpg

"One Step Closer" Graphic Image 

by Ryan Barbin

Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 4.21.48 AM.png

Article & Graphic by Ryan Barbin

No Moderna.jpg

Article by Ryan Barbin

The following articles were written by Ryan Barbin for the Clark County Nevada, Covid19 Vaccination Campaign while employed at Graphicka, (an advertising agency located in Las Vegas, NV)

For More of My Graphics, Photos, Social Media Content and Articles from this Covid19 campaign for Clark County, Nevada - Click Here.

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 11.16.10

Article & Graphic by Ryan Barbin

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 11.20.29

Article by Ryan Barbin

Article & Graphic by Ryan Barbin

Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 5.16.32 AM.png

Article & Graphic by Ryan Barbin


Article by Ryan Barbin

Screen Shot 2021-03-28 at 8.46.18 PM.png

Article by Ryan Barbin


Marketing Campaing Strategy and "Experience" Customer Review

by Ryan Barbin

Mariana's Supermarkets is a grocery and convenience store chain specializing in Latin/Hispanic items as well as traditional American grocery store items. They also have a fresh, in-house Tortilleria, Juice Bar, Dine-In Mexican food, Bakery and more.

While working at Graphicka, (a Latin/Hispanic based Advertising Agency in Las Vegas, NV) I worked on the campaign for Mariana's Market. During this time I was tasked with researching and creating a detailed Campaign Strategy report for Mariana's Supermarket, in effort to gain more non-hispanic based clientele. The following is that report in full, as well as an individual "Experience" section from the full report, which is in itself, a detailed review of a first-time customer shopping experience.

View "Experience" Excerpt / Customer Review Here.

View Full Marketing Campaign Strategy Report Here.

D-TRAIN-FB-AD-1-1-mar-27-1 (1) copy.jpg

Created a Strategic Marketing Campaign Strategy for Legendary Funk/Soul/R&B Award Winning Artist D-Train Williams - Live Streaming Concert from Notoriety in Las Vegas, NV. This included Multiple Direct, Indirect, Interactive and  "Developing Details" Ads, Targeted Ad Placement and Scheduled Posting, Development of Several Landing Pages, Email Marketing and More. 

Some of the Ads and Articles Created for this Campaign by Ryan Barbin are Featured Here.

Screen Shot 2021-03-28 at 11.16.29
Screen Shot 2021-03-28 at 11.11.53

Ad by Ryan Barbin

Ad by Ryan Barbin

Ad by Ryan Barbin



Clark County, NV • Covid19 Vaccine Commercial Radio/TV Spots

Written & Recorded by Ryan Barbin

"Covid is Going Down" Graphic Image

by Ryan Barbin

While working as a Copywriter & Content Creator at Graphicka, (A Full Service Advertising Agency in Las Vegas, NV.) I wrote and recoded the following sample Commercial Radio/TV Scripts for the Clark County, Nevada -  Covid19 Vaccination Campaign.

These Radio/TV  Commercial Spot Scripts,  written by Ryan Barbin :

"Arm's Reach" Commercial Script  •   "Dear Diary" Commercial Script

For More of My Graphics, Photos, Social Media Content and Articles from this Covid19 campaign for Clark County, Nevada - Click Here.

Arms Reach Vaccine Radio_TV Spot

Recording by Ryan Barbin

Dear Diary Vaccine Radio:TV Spot

Recording by Ryan Barbin


The Ride 7D • FM Commercial Radio Spots

Written & Recorded by Ryan Barbin

The Ride 7D is an interactive, motion ride attraction located in Southern California. It's an immersive, 3D thrill ride with multiple different themed experiences ranging from a horror themed, zombie apocalypse survival, to western cowboy adventures, Godzilla-like monster encounters, and family-friendly pirate explorations. 

Hired to develop and implement new Marketing strategies for The Ride 7D Attraction, Ryan Barbin wrote and recorded two FM Radio Commercial Spots for The Ride 7D in Commerce, CA. (Now Relocated to Ontario Mills Mall in Ontario, CA.) These commercials aired on several Southern California FM Radio Stations, such as 102.7 KIIS FM, K-Earth 101 FM, and KROQ-FM 106.7 during Summer of 2018.


These FM Radio Commercial Spots written by Ryan Barbin are viewable here.

Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 2.09.20 AM.png

Mallin Casual Furniture 

Commercial Radio Spot Concept

Written by Ryan Barbin

"Mallin Casual Furniture has been designing and producing innovative and stylish outdoor patio furniture for over 50 years. They deliver comfort, style, beauty and functionality with their modern outdoor furnishings." -

In effort to create a marketing plan to coincide with Mallin Casual Furniture's focus on luxurious, outdoor home furnishings, Ryan Barbin created some conceptual advertisements and promotions. He wrote a few campaign taglines and a FM radio commercial spot to create a "Home Retreat" sales point, in order to entice consumers to invest in Mallin Casual Furnishings to create their own staycation location within their own outdoor home patio space.

The FM radio commercial concept by Ryan Barbin is viewable here.


The ads and promotional concepts created by Mr. Barbin are viewable on the Photos, Art & Graphics page of this website.


(This was a marketing concept created by Ryan Barbin for Mallin Casual Furniture and was not implemented or approved for commercial use by Mallin Casual Furniture.)

Website Audits


M Realty Website Audit:

Grammar / Writing Edit

Audit by Ryan Barbin

M Realty is a property management and real estate company in Las Vegas. "Supriya Mirchandani, (Owner) and her brokerage team, provide a seamless experience in assisting you to achieve your real estate goals. M Realty offers a wide range of real estate and property management services all across Las Vegas." -

Hired as a Social Media and Digital Marketing Manager for M Realty, Ryan Barbin completed a website audit, highlighting some improvements in functionality, professionalism, grammar, writing and more. With an extensive background in web design, digital marketing consulting and writing, Mr. Barbin was able to detail many areas of improvement for the

M Realty website. Since the website was currently under contract with an external marketing firm, Ryan contacted them directly with a detailed list of writing and grammatical improvements to implement.


The writing portion of Ryan's website audit is viewable here.

A+ Storage.png

A+ Storage Website Audit

& Digital Marketing Analysis

Audit and Report by Ryan Barbin

A+ Storage in Costa Mesa, CA. is a self-storage facility and store which sells moving, packing and storage supplies. The owner of A+ was interested in improving the business's marketing strategies, to increase sales and unit rentals.

Hired as a Marketing Consultant for A+ Storage, Ryan Barbin researched the self-storage industry, local market and competitor businesses. He also interviewed customers, and completed a full tour and inspection of the business property at both A+ Storage, and local competitor businesses. He also completed a full website audit for the A+ Storage website, social media accounts, current Google Adwords campaign, and all digital marketing strategies currently being used, as well as those yet explored.


The Website and Digital Marketing Audit portion of Mr. Barbin's Marketing Analysis Report is viewable here.

Google Adwords

YA Pic.jpg

Google Adwords Campaign:

The Young Americans

Pre and Post Reports by Ryan Barbin

The Young Americans is a non-profit organization dedicated to uniting the world’s youth through music, dance, performance, education, and cultural interaction. The group is based in Southern California, and was founded in 1962, by Milton C. Anderson. It was Milton’s dream to create a positive image of America’s youth and provide an opportunity for them to put their talents and abilities into a positive outlet, allowing them to grow and flourish while keeping music education alive and thriving.

Ryan Barbin, an alumni member of The Young Americans organization was tasked with creating a Google Adwords Marketing Campaign for the organization. Ryan drafted a pre-campaign report, ran the campaign, and then drafted a post-campaign report detailing his experiences, efforts, challenges, successes and benefits. These reports were presented both to The Young Americans organization, as well as they were submitted to Google for entry and consideration in the Google Adwords Online Challenge, a program utilized within Universities and Business Schools across the nation.

Ryan's Pre-Campaign Report for The Young Americans' Google Adwords Campaign can be viewed here.

Ryan's Post-Campaign Report for The Young Amerians' Google Adwords Campaign can be viewed here.

Business Proposals

Screen Shot 2020-11-07 at 1.10.26 AM.png

Restaurant Business Concept Proposal:

D's Tots

Business Proposal, Recipes, Logo, Jingle and Commercial Concepts by Ryan Barbin

D's Tots Jingle ConceptRyan Barbin - D's Tots
00:00 / 00:15
tot box.jpg
tot logo.jpg

D's Tots is an original business concept and proposal created by Ryan Barbin. The concept is based around both a food truck and a restaurant business, producing a signature, niche food item created by Ryan Barbin. The original recipe product, "D's Tots" are a gourmet twist on classic side dish, the tater tot. Unlike average tater tots, D's Tots are larger in size and are marketed as a main dish item. D's Tots contain a Pâte á Choux exterior, encasing the tater tot, and seasoned with parmesan cheese. The inside of the tots, are then stuffed with a variety of fillings to create multiple D's Tots Flavors, including; Hot Tots, Sugar Tots, Nacho Tots, Cinnamon Tots, Sour Cream & Onion Tots and more. Aside from the Tots, the business would maintain a simple, "Do one thing. Do it well." business model, only offering drinks and milkshakes in addition to their signature D's Tots.

Ryan Barbin created this business concept, logo, recipes, and proposal; as well as the commercial concept and jingle were written and produced by Ryan Barbin. Ryan is still actively seeking investment opportunities to develop his business concept.

Ryan's "D's Tots" Business Proposal Presentation can be viewed here.

(The tots depicted are not D's Tots. For financial reasons, the video and presentation were done using regular tater tots.)

skyzone glow.jpg

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park


GLOW Lighting Project Proposal

Lighting Proposal and Diagrams

Written & Created by Ryan Barbin

"Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park is a space to move, create and be yourself. And there’s enough room for everyone, so all kids – and kids at heart – can play together. Our vision is a world where everyone plays, every day. Sky Zone is part of CircusTrix, the world’s largest developer, operator, and franchisor of trampoline and active entertainment parks with a network of more than 300 global locations." -

One of Sky Zone's nighttime attractions is their "GLOW" event, where the house lights are turned off, and replaced by lazers, blacklights, the music of a live DJ, and the neon glow of the the attending "jumpers" in official Sky Zone "GLOW" T-shirts. If you have yet to attend a GLOW night at Sky Zone, you are certainly missing out.

As a former manager of two Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park locations in Southern California (Anaheim / Westminster), Ryan Barbin tended to many duties from scheduling, to payroll, inventory management, customer service, as well as marketing and social media. One of Ryan's initial project proposals came when he realized from his background in entertainment and stage lighting, that many areas of the park were dark, and therefore a safety hazard if the jumpers can not be appropriately illuminated. This was a matter of necessity of more lights, and a light refocusing effort across the park. Ryan created a proposal for this project and presented it to upper management and the park franchise owners, who green-lighted his proposal for immediate action.

Ryan's Lighting Project Proposal can be viewed here.

Cal State Business.png

California State University Fullerton

Mihaylo College of Business & Economics

Business Memo Writing Competition

Scholarship Award Winning

Business Memo Written by Ryan Barbin

While attending California State University Fullerton's Mihaylo College of Business and Economics, Ryan Barbin received his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with Emphasis in Marketing and Advertising with Honors. During his time at the University, Ryan participated in a business memo writing competition. The competition was held across all of the California State Universities, and required it's participants to read a case study and emails regarding an important business matter. The participants must then draft a formal business memo summarizing and addressing the importance of the issue at hand, and offer a minimum of 2 solutions that they would suggest implementing, with direct instruction on process, procedure and timing for their creative solutions.


The competition is timed, and judged based on grammar, formal business memo structure, professionalism, tone, attention to detail, and the creativeness, effectiveness and implementation of their suggested solutions. 


Ryan Barbin's memo was a scholarship award winning submission. This would be the first of many business memos, emails, proposals, sales pitches and more that Ryan would go on to write in his business career. 

Ryan's scholarship award winning business memo submission can be viewed here.

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